for the entertainment business…
the world is getting tougher and tougher and the need to seek alternative revenue streams, in addition to the core business, is increasingly becoming the ‘make or break’ factor behind so many shows, acts, festivals and tours.

are communicating in a media landscape that is both dynamic and fragmented; the days of disseminating a singular message through one main media channel are long gone. A brand’s challenge is to reach consumers (audiences) that are increasingly difficult to reach e.g. the 16-24 year old boy or girl who doesn’t read a newspaper or watch real-time television, or the 18-34 year old media savvy adult who is tired of being preached to via traditional methods using outdated messages.

the partnership…
a brand offers so much more than just money; their database’s are often huge, their POS or retail outlets, enormous, and their motivation being very much for the long term.

similarly, the entertainment business offers longevity with a similar eye on the long term, they often have databases that brand’s would die for, and always have a genuine and passionate concern that the artistic integrity of the act/ show/ festival (brand) are protected vigorously.

branding entertainment is an obvious link and not one that hasn’t been tried before, but Media Junction’s expertise is to join these two very different worlds with the care, sensitivity and thoughtfulness that they both deserve. The partnerships need to be unobtrusive, discreet, subtle and sensitive; ensuring that their combined messages are received and accepted by their fragmented, savvy and discerning audiences.

simply our expertise is to…

1) create
search for the core creative link between the brand and entertainment property. Develop a core creative and marketing strategy that links the two in a meaningful way that the consumer/ audience will understand.

2) build
build a campaign using the key assets of the entertainment property, whilst harnessing the power of the brand’s existing marketing channels.

3) engage
engage the audience with a relevant message they want to hear, placed within the world they inhabit, on and off line.